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Writing your First Technology CVs

Learn how to write an amazing CV that will let you stand out to employers.

Securing your First Technology Internship / Graduate Job

Become the ideal candidate by understanding what by mastering the application process.

Starting and Completing your First Technology Project

Practice your technical skills by developing projects in your spare time.

What Jobs are available in the Technology Industry?

Unsure which Technology career is for you? Find out the different roles here

Acing your Technology Interviews

Understand the difference between technical and non-technical interviews and how to ace them!

Learn to code (in 5 steps!)

Use this beginner module to start your coding journey!

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Who are we?

Tech Academia is a dynamic platform dedicated to diversity and opportunity within the tech industry. As a comprehensive resource hub, we focus on centralizing and democratizing knowledge for young minds eager to shine in the tech world.

We connect businesses with a broad spectrum of talent, striving to foster an environment of innovation, growth, and inclusivity. Committed to breaking down barriers and providing accessible opportunities, we exist to open up the world of technology to everyone.

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"I won a scholarship to university from a Top Investment Bank!"
- 6th Form Student

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