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Welcome to the CV Directory, which includes CV Examples which have received offers from companies from a variety of roles such as Software Engineering, Product Management and Data across apprenticeships, spring weeks, internships and graduate jobs!

The CVs have received offers from a wide variety of companies, such as:

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How to make the most of our CV Directory

Explore Projects: Dive into the CVs to discover the types of projects that have caught the attention of these companies. Note how these projects are described and consider how you can undertake similar initiatives that reflect your interests and skills.

Identify Tools & Technologies: Pay close attention to the tools, programming languages, and technologies mentioned across different CVs. These are the skills in demand. Make a plan to learn or deepen your understanding of these technologies through your own projects or coursework.

Tools & Technologies: Use the directory as a benchmark for essential skills in your desired field. If you notice many CVs mention Python, JavaScript, or specific frameworks, consider strengthening your skills in these areas.

Layout and Structure: Observe how the CVs are structured. The clarity, organization, and presentation of information can significantly impact readability and the overall impression. Use these insights to format your CV effectively, ensuring that key information catches the eye.

If you need further assistance with your CV, please access our “How to write your CV Module here”

We are currently always updating the directory, so if there is a CV you need that’s not available, contact us!

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